• Uniform Circular Motion

    If a body is moving in a circular path with uniform speed, then it is said to be that body is executing uniform circular motion. In such a motion the speed is same throughout the motion but its velocity (which is tangential) is different at each and every point of its motion. Thus, uniform circular motion is an accelerated motion.


    Suppose an object is moving on a circular path of radius r. Therefore, circumference = 2πr. Let time t is taken to complete one rotation over a circular path by the object.

    ∴ Velocity (v) = Distance / Time

    ⇒ v = Circumference / t

    ⇒ v = 2πr / t

    Where, v = velocity, r = radius of circular path and t = time

    Motion of earth around the sun, motion of moon around the earth, motion of a top, motion of blades of an electric fan, etc. are the examples of circular motion.