• Advantages of Friction

    Friction plays a vital role in our daily life. Without friction we are handicap.

    1. Friction helps us in walking on the floor. It becomes difficult to walk on a slippery road (like ice) due to low friction.

    2. We cannot fix nail in the wood or wall if there is no friction. It is friction which holds the nail.

    3. Various parts of a machine are able to rotate because of friction between belt and pulley.

    4. A horse cannot pull a cart unless friction furnishes him a secure foothold.

    5. We cannot write on a paper or on a board without friction.

    6. Friction helps in applying the brakes on vehicles' wheel.

    7. Coffee mug stays on the dashboard because of friction.


    Disadvantages of Friction

    Despite the fact that the friction is very important in our daily life, it also has some disadvantages like:

    1. Friction is a resistance force that slow down or prevents motion.

    2. Friction produces unwanted heat as well as noise in various parts of machines such as engine, tyres, etc.

    3. As some energy is wasted as heat energy, the efficiency of the machine decreases.

    4. Due to friction, engines of automobiles consume more fuel, so there is a economical loss.

    5. Friction causes wears things out like shoes.

    6. Forest fires are caused due to friction between branches of trees.


    Methods to Reduce Friction

    There are a number of methods to reduce friction in which some are discussed here.

    Use of lubricants: The parts of machines which are moving over one another are properly lubricated by using oils and lubricants of suitable viscosity.

    Use of grease: Proper greasing between the sliding parts of machine reduces the friction.

    Use of ball bearing: In machines where possible, sliding friction can be replaced by rolling friction by using ball bearings.

    Streamlining: Friction due to air or water on moving the objects can be reduced by streamlining the shape of the body (sharp in front) moving through air or water. The front of fast moving vehicles like airplanes, rocket, etc., are streamlined to minimize friction.