• Class: Eight

    Chapter 1: Network

    Exercise Solution

    1. Fill in the blanks:

    a) Apache is an open source web server.
    b) Wireless-Fidelity is a mode of communication that is establishedby using radio frequency technology.
    c) A Webpage contains one or more web pages which are linked with each other.
    d) Bluetooth's PAN are also known as Piconets.

    e) A link to a different section of the same webpage is known as Named Anchor.

    2. Select the most suitable alternative:

    a) In LAN, data communication takes place at the rate of:
    (i) 100-1000 mbps          (ii) 10-20 mbps      (iii) 10-1500 mbps       (iv) None of these

    b) In this type of cable, data are transferred through electromagnetic waves:
    (i) Ethernet cable             (ii) Coaxial cable      (iii) Fibre optic            (iv) None of these

    c) It develops a network conectivity for locations within a distance of 100 mts:
    (i) Infrared                (ii) Wi-Fi                   (iii) Bluetooth                 (iv) None of these

    d) It includes drawings, paintings, scanned images, photographs, steel and video images:
    (i) Graphics             (ii)Audio                    (iii) Animation                  (iv) None of these

    e) In this type of network there is no specific tariff to be followed for its usage:
    (i) WAN                  (ii) MAN                     (iii) LAN                          (iv) None of these

    f) The centralized computer having huge storage capacity and very high processing speed are called as:
    (i) Server                (ii) Workstation           (iii) Tree                     (iv) Mesh

    g) The documents in websites that display information are called as:
    (i) Server                (ii) Webpage              (iii) ISP                       (iv) LAN

    3. Differentiate between the following:

    a) LAN and WAN

    Answer: LAN stands Local Area Network. In this type of network, computers are connected in a local unit or small geographical area. In LAN, data communication takes place at a rate of 100-1000 mbps. It is owned by an individual or an organization. There is no specific tariff for its usage.

    WAN stands Wide Area Network. In this type of network, computers are connected over large geographical area at less cost. In WAN, data communication takes place at a rate of 150 mbps. The common example of WAN is ‘Internet’.

    b) Ethernet and Co-Axial cable

    Answer: Ethernet is a computer networking technologies that connects LAN, MAN and WAN. It is a data link technology which generally use wired local area networks (LANs) and enables the device to communicate with each other.

    Co-Axial cable is an efficient electrical transmission media. It consists of a single line of conductor surrounded by an insulation layer and a conductive shield over it. Its transmission rate is 100 Mbps and bandwidth upto 400 Mhz.

    c) Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

    Answer: Bluetooth is a wireless network connectivity based on radio waves technology to communicate over a short range. It consumes less power and can communicate upto 100 meters.

    Wireless Fidelity is a wireless network connectivity established by radio frequency like Bluetooth but has stronger connection within 150 meters. It is also called “Wireless Ethernet”.

    4. Expand the abbreviations:

    a) TCP/IP      :   Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol

    b) Wi-Fi        :    Wireless Fidelity

    c) RFC          :   Request for Comments

    d) WiMax      :    Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access

    e) ISP          :     Internet Service Providers

    f) NIU           :     Network Interface Unit

    g) MAC         :    Media Access Control

    h) CAN         :    Controller Area Network

    i) IMAP         :     Internet Message Access Protocol

    j) FTP           :    File Transfer Protocol

    5. Suggest the answer in one word only:

    a) Rajat wanted to establish network connection in his office so that employee of his organization can share the files and resources among themselves. Which type of network connection should he established to do so?

    Answer: Local Area Network.

    b) A company is opening its branch in a metropolitan city where they will give free services to their customer and also try to resolve their problem through phone calls. Which type of cable they should use so that they can achieve high bandwidth and high data transmission?

    Answer: Co-Axial Cable.

    c) Lakshya bought a new laptop and wanted to transfer some music and sound files which is stored in his mobile phone. Is it possible to transfer these files through wireless mode? If it's so then which facility does his mobile and computer should have to make those type of task possible?

    Answer: Yes. Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

    6. Answer the following questions:

    a) List the name of different keyboard layouts.

    Answer: Different keyboard layouts are QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY and DVORAK.

    b) Explain the working of Bar Code Reader?

    7. Suggest the solution for given situation in one word/line:

    a) Which keyboard layout is widely used in Germany and Central Europe?

    Answer: QWERTZ.

    b) A group of 4 bits is known as:

    Answer: Nibble.

    8. Write sort notes on:

    a) Joystick

    It is also a pointing device like Mouse except that a mouse pointer stops moving on the screen as soon as the user stops moving it, while joystick pointer continues to move in the direction towards with the joystick has been pointed.It is mostly used to play video games.

    b) Biometric Sensor