• Opportunities for Smart Grid in India


    Regulations: The regulatory environment is India is very favorable for international companies to enter and setup pilot projects on Smart Grid technology. If these projects are successful the government will grant them contracts to implement them across the nation.


    Economics: Smart Grid technology at the earliest can help reduce commercial losses due to theft by installing tamper proof smart meters and good monitoring. In the short-term, the savings from this could be upto $13 billion annually. In the long-term there is the added benefit of minimizing transmission or technical losses by proper grid optimization and improving the grid infrastructure. Overall, savings could be at the least $22 billion annually over the next 5 years.


    Environmental: Currently India is under a lot of pressure to reduce its carbon emissions as imposed by international regulatory organizations. By implementing smart grid technologies and using higher renewable energy sources, India has the potential to offset this CO2 emission is a short time frame without compromising on growth and productivity.


    Technology: The Smart Grid technology is already proving to be very reliable and having multiple benefits. It is reaching main stream deployment in cities across developed countries. It is being considered the future for power grids across the globe.