• Acronyms

    Short Form Full Form
    AMI Advanced metering infrastructure
    APDRP Accelerated Power Development and Reform Programme
    ARRA American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
    AT&C Aggregate technical and commercial
    BEE Bureau of Energy Efficiency
    BIS Bureau of Indian Standards
    CBA Cost-benefit analysis
    CDM Clean Development Mechanism
    CEA Central Electricity Authority
    CEC China Electricity Council
    CER Certified emission reduction
    CERC Central Electricity Regulatory Commission
    CIP Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme
    CIS Customer information system
    CO2 Carbon dioxide
    CPP Critical peak pricing
    CPRI Central Power Research Institute
    CPUC California Public Utilities Commission
    CRM Customer relations management
    DCA Development Credit Authority (US)
    DFID Department for International Development (UK)
    DMS Distribution management systems
    DNO Distribution network operator
    DOE Department of Energy (US)
    DR Demand response
    DSM Demand-side management
    DST Department of Science and Technology
    EE Energy efficiency
    EPRI Electric Power Research Institute
    ERCOT Electric Reliability Council of Texas
    ESCO Energy service company
    EU ETS European Union’s Emission Trading Scheme
    EV Electric vehicle
    FERC Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (US)
    GIS Geographic information system
    GOI Government of India
    GPRS General packet radio service
    GWAC Grid Wise Architecture Council
    ICT Information and communications technology
    IEC International Electrotechnical Commission
    IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
    IED Intelligent electronic device
    ISO Independent system operator
    IVVC Integrated Vol/VAR control
    IPP Independent power producer
    JI Joint Implementation
    JUCCCE Joint US-China Cooperation on Clean Energy
    KPI Key performance indicator
    LEED Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
    MCIT Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
    Mescom Mangalore Electricity Supply Company
    MNRE Ministry of New and Renewable Energy
    MoP Ministry of Power
    NARUC (US) National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners
    NDRC National Development and Reform Commission
    NEC National Energy Administration
    NERC North American Electric Reliability Corporation
    NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology (US)
    O&M Operations and maintenance
    OE Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability, DOE
    PEV Plug-in electric vehicle
    PFC Power Finance Corporation
    PG&E Pacific Gas and Electric Company
    PHEV Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle
    PLC Power line carrier
    PLC Programmable logic controller
    PMU Phasor measurement unit
    PNNL Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
    PTR Peak time rebate
    PUCO Public Utilities Commission of Ohio
    R-APDRP Restructured Accelerated Power Development and Reform Programme
    RE Renewable energy
    ROI Return on investment
    RTU Remote terminal unit
    SCADA Supervisory control and data acquisition
    SCE Southern California Edison Company
    SEB State Electricity Board
    SERC State Electricity Regulatory Commissions
    SGCC State Grid Corporation of China
    SGERPI State Grid Electric Power Research Institute
    SGTF Smart Grid Task Force