• Diverse perspectives from experts and global Smart Grid initiatives

    Smart Grid Initiatives in India

    Government of India formed “Smart Grid Forum” and “Smart Grid Task Force” in may 2010 for enablement of smart grid technology into Indian Power Distribution Utilities as a part of their Smart Grid initiative to meet their growing energy demand in similar with the developed country like USA, Europe etc. Both are accelerating implementation of Smart Grids in India in alignment with the Ministry of Power’s overarching policy objectives of “Access, Availability and Affordability of power for all”.

    A brief analysis of some of the initiative which has been taken under the supervision of governments, private bodies and allies.

    Mangalore pilot project: The Mangalore Electricity Supply Company (Mescom) initiated this project in December 2010 with the following objectives – load management and real-time metering for each of 250 installations, including industrial, residential, and street lighting.

    Bangalore pilot project: The Bangalore Electricity Supply Company (BESCOM) recently initiated this project in Electronic City, where it will reach 2,000 residential and commercial customers. Among its features are two-way communication nodes, transformers to control power consumption, private-public partnership, increased customer choice, and the flexibility to extend to other parts of the country.

    Maharashtra Project: Includes GIS-based indexing and asset mapping and GIS network analysis based on a distribution management system on a web based platform. The project is designed to provide baseline data and IT applications for energy accounting, auditing and IT based consumer service centers. The project will be carried out in 95 towns under R-APDRP. The objective is to reduce losses from operational issues and theft in project areas.

    Kerala: Kepco Knowledge, Data & Network, an affiliate of state-owned Korea Electric Power Corp, is developing an IT system to prevent energy theft and increase efficiency of energy supply.

    Distribution Reform, Upgrades and Management (DRUM) Projects: It Was a joint venture between the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Ministry of Power (MoP) from 2003 to 2010. Pilot programs were focused on improving the quality of electricity services, especially to India's rural energy sector. Four pilot programs were begun (North Delhi, Bangalore, Gujarat, Maharashtra), focusing on extending electricity to areas currently not served, reducing loss, and improving reliability. Over 25,000 electric utility staff were trained in distribution business and technical skills.

    Rabirashmi Abasan Housing project: The first instance of net metering in India (2008), this project involves rooftop solar installations.

    Habitat and Valence Energy: This distributed generation project is located in Hyderabad (2009) and involves roof-top solar micro-grid.

    Smart Grid pilot projects supported by Govt. of India



    Smart Grid Initiatives in China

    Smart Community Demonstration Project: The project, consisting of 655 households and 11 buildings, is the first demonstration community built by North China Power Grid. The project includes a low-voltage electricity network, power usage information collection, an interactive service platform, smart household installment, electric automobile charging facilities, distributed power generation and energy storage, automatic electricity distribution, integrated network using low-voltage fiber optic cables, and AMI meters for electricity, gas and water.

    Smart Grid, Demand Side Management Pilot: The project, to be developed and implemented by Honeywell, will be China’s first smart grid pilot project and feasibility study to monitor and manage electricity use in commercial buildings. The project will focus on DSM, and will utilize Honeywell’s state-of-the-art smart grid technology, including automated demand response, advanced energy management, and sub-metering.

    National Wind Power Integration Research and Test Center of China: The project centers on the development of renewable energy and clean energy storage. Toward that goal, the SGCC is installing 30 wind turbines with at least 78 MW of generating capacity, 640 kW of solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity, and 2.5 MW of energy storage. When it is completed, the testing center will be the largest facility of its kind in the world.

    Power System Digital Real-Time Simulation Device: This research project developed the first large-scale power system real-time simulation device. The device can simulate a power system with up to 1,000 generators and 10,000 bus bars. The development of this device will contribute to the safe operation of the power grid by researching the access of new large-scale equipment and enhancing power system incident analysis. The device will also allow equipment tests such as the safe and stable operation and control of a large AC/DC hybrid transmission system.

    1000-kV Jindongnan Nanyang-Jingmen Ultra High Voltage (UHV) AC Pilot Project: Construction of a single circuit line of 640 kilometers, with a capacity of 6,000 MVA, and an operational voltage of 1,100 kV.

    Xiangjiaba-Shanghai +/-800-kV UHV DC Transmission Pilot Project: Construction of an advanced UHV DC high capacity, long distance, DC transmission line.

    Ningdong-Shandong +/-660-kV DC Project: Approved in November 2010 as a key project in the development of the West to East transmission project designed to move both hydro and thermal power from generation sites in the West to demand centers in the East.

    Qinghai-Tibet 750-kV/+/-400-kV AC/DC Grid Interconnection Project: Construction of a 750-kV AC project and a +/-400-kV DC power transmission project from Qinghai to Tibet, allowing the integration for the first time of all provinces in SGCC’s service area. The project is expected to be put into operation by the end of 2011 or in 2012.

    Smart Grid Initiatives in US

    Below is a list of the top ten largest smart grid Initiatives in the United States based on cost:

    Charlotte, NC - Duke Energy Business Services LLC Smart Grid Project: This project is a comprehensive grid modernization for Duke Energy’s Midwest electric system, which encompasses Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. The project includes open, interoperable, two-way communications networks, smart meters for 1.4 million customers, automated advanced distribution applications, developing dynamic pricing programs, and supporting the PHEVs.

    Houston, Texas - Center Point Energy Smart Grid Project: This project includes the installation of 2.2 million smart meters and more than 550 sensors and automated switches that will protect against system disturbances such as natural disasters.

    Miami, Florida - Florida Power & Light Company Smart Grid Project: Energy Smart Florida is a comprehensive project installing over 2.6 million smart meters, 9,000 intelligent distribution devices, 45 phasors, and advanced monitoring equipment in over 270 substations.

    Raleigh N.C. -Progress Energy Service Company, LLC Smart Grid Project: Through this project, Progress Energy Service Company, LLC, is building a green Smart Grid virtual power plant that will provide conservation, efficiency and advanced load shaping technologies, including installation of over 160,000 meters across its multi-state service area.

    Baltimore Maryland – Baltimore Gas and Electric Company Smart Grid Project: This project is deploying a smart meter network and advanced customer control system for 1.1 million residential customers, enabling dynamic electricity pricing. Baltimore Gas and Electric Company is expanding the utility's direct load control program, enhancing reliability and reducing congestion.

    Philadelphia, PA. - PECO Energy Company Smart Grid Project: This project is deploying smart meters to all 600,000 customers, upgrading communication infrastructure to support a smart meter network, installing 7 "intelligent" substations, and accelerating deployment of more reliable/secure technologies that will reduce peak energy load and increase cost savings.

    Birmingham, Alabama - Southern Company Services, Inc. Smart Grid Project: Southern Company Services, Inc. is deploying five integrated smart grid technology systems that enhance energy efficiency, cyber security, distribution and transmission line automation, and smart power substations. This project will benefit customers in Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina and South Carolina.

    Sacramento, California - Sacramento Municipal Utility District Smart Grid Project: Through this project, Sacramento Municipal Utility District is installing a comprehensive regional smart grid system that includes 600,000 smart meters, 100 electric vehicle charging stations and 50,000 demand response controls including programmable thermostats and home energy management systems.

    Las Vegas, Nevada - NV Energy, Inc. Smart Grid Project: NV Energy, Inc is integrating smart grid technologies, including dynamic pricing, customer communications and in-home networks, grid monitoring, distribution automation, distributed renewables, and electric vehicles, including the installation of a network of 1,300,000 smart meters.

    New York, New York - Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc Smart Grid Project: This project is deploying technologies, including automation, monitoring and two way communications to make the electric grid function two-communications, more efficiently and enable integration of renewable resources. Also benefits customers in NJ.