• Comparison of Thermal, Hydro, Gas & Nuclear Power Plant


    Thermal power plant

    Hydro electric plant

    Gas power plant

    Nuclear power plant

    Located where water, coal and transportation facilities are adequate

    Located where large reservoirs or dams can be created like in hilly areas

    Located away from thickly populated area because of noisy operation.

    Located in isolated areas away from population.

    Initial cost is lower than hydro and nuclear.

    Initial cost pretty high due to large dam construction.

    Initial cost is the least.

    Initial cost is highest as cost of reactor construction is very high.

    Running cost is highest due to huge amount of coal required.

    Practically nil as no fuel is required.

    Higher  running cost due to high price of fuels.

    Cost of running is low as very less amount of fuel is required.

    Coal is source of power. So limited quantity is available.

    Water is source of power which is not a dependable quantity.

    Natural gas (methane) & Liquid petroleum fuels are used. Air is used as the working fluid.

    Uranium is fuel source along with platinum rods. So sufficient quantity is available.

    Cost of fuel transportation is maximum due to large demand for coal.

    No cost for fuel transportation

    Higher than steam power plants.

    Cost of fuel transportation is minimum due to small quantity required.

    Least environment friendly

    Most environment friendly

    A good friend of environment than steam.

    Better friend of environment than steam & gas power plant.

    About 29%  efficient.

    About 85% efficient.

    About 20% efficient.

    More efficient than steam power.

    Gestation period 3 - 6 years

    Gestation period 10 - 15 years

    Gestation period 1- 2 years

    Gestation period 10 -15 years

    Maintenance cost is high.

    Maintenance cost is quite low.

    Maintenance cost is low.

    Maintenance cost is the highest as highly skilled workers are required.

    Plant life 20 - 30 years

    Plant life 30 - 50 years

    Plant life 15 - 20 years

    Plant life 20 - 30 years

    Maximum standby losses as boiler still keeps running.

    No standby losses.

    No standby losses.

    Less standby losses.

    Starting required lot of time

    Instant starting

    Very short starting time

    Approx. same starting time as of thermal.

    Large space required

    Larger space required

    Less space required

    Lesser space required

    Least clean


    Less clean

    Less clean