• Phase Advancer

    Phase advancer is a simple AC exciter which is connected on the main shaft of the motor and operates with the motor’s rotor circuit for power factor improvement. Phase advancer is used to improve the power factor of induction motor in industries. As the stator windings of induction motor takes lagging current 90° out of phase with Voltage, therefore the power factor of induction motor is low. If the exciting ampere-turns are excited by external AC source, then there would be no effect of exciting current on stator windings. Therefore the power factor of induction motor will be improved. This process is done by Phase advancer.



    1. Lagging kVAR (Reactive component of Power or reactive power) drawn by the motor is sufficiently reduced because the exciting ampere turns are supplied at slip frequency (fS).

    2. The phase advancer can be easily used where the use of synchronous motors is Unacceptable



    1. The major disadvantage of phase advancers is that they are not economical for motors below 200 H.P.